How to Change Background Picture in Windows 10?

Learn how to change background picture in Windows 10 and make your PC feel fresh.

When you have a device that belongs to you, then it’s a good thing to personalize it as per your choice. And when you talk about your laptop, the first thing you want according to yourself is the appearance of it. 

Nowadays, people are most likely to have Windows 10 on their PC from the start. And as we all will agree that Windows 10’s default wallpaper not only defines the developing brand but also, it’s stunning at looks as well. 

Windows 10, along with a catchy default wallpaper, also offers you to change desktop wallpapers, theme colors, and impression-related settings. 

Change Background Picture in Windows 10

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Today, we are going to look forward to How to Change Background Picture in Windows 10. Also, we are going to learn about some features to enhance your PC’s looks other than wallpaper in Windows 10.

Note: If your Windows is not Activated with a valid license you will not be able to personalize your desktop picture. So if this is your case, than please stop reading from here. 

How to Change Background Picture in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 helps you keep your device look great, by offering different themes and colors. One of the best parts of Windows 10’s wallpaper settings is that you are not bound to have wallpapers offered by Windows 10 only. 

Customizing means personalizing things according to yourself, and Windows 10 understands it and helps you do that. With Windows 10, you can set any picture of your choice as a wallpaper, instead of using the default ones. 

So, let’s learn how to Change Background Picture in Windows 10:

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard
  • Open the Settings app 
  • In settings, click the Personalization iconClick on the Personalization Icon-
  • Underneath the ‘Background title, click on the drop-down menuExpand the Drop-down Menu-
  • Choose whether you want to set a picture, solid color, or a slideshow 
  • For setting a wallpaper, chose the picture option from the menu
  • Choose a picture from the given default wallpapers

To set a background picture of your own instead of the given ones, follow up

  • Hit the Browse button
  • Choose a picture you wish to set as wallpaper
  • Click on the Choose picture button 

You can also choose how you want the image to fit as your wallpaper. Also, see the preview of how it will look on your desktop’s background and change if needed. And that’s it. 

Enhance Other Display Options 

Now you know How to Change Background Picture in Windows 10. Fortunately, there are many other ways to customize your display without going anywhere else. Let’s have a look at those too.

Choose a Theme Color

You already know how good the Windows 10’s blue color looks on the device. But changing the color of your device gives you a brand new feeling.

Having a theme color looks even better when it follows the whole system of your computer. And with Windows 10’s color customizing setting, it’s possible.

Also, Windows 10 have recently introduced the dark mode to its users. Let’s see how it works: 

  • In Settings, click on the Personalization icon
  • Now, select the Color option from the menu Open the Colors Menu
  • Open the drop-down menu and select the Custom option
  • Now, you can scroll down to choose your accent colorChoose an Accent Color
  • You can either choose between the Light mode and Dark mode for your Windows Choose between light or dark mode
  • Similarly, select a mode for the apps on your device

The accent color will be your Windows’s color. e.g., it will be the same color on the Start, taskbar, title bar, etc when the dark mode is disabled.

Customize the Lock Screen

Lockscreen is the first screen that shows up when you start your device. I guess you might be thinking that the device stays locked while you’re on that screen, so how do we customize it.

But yes, you can make changes and improvise it from the lock screen setting. You get to change the picture and select the apps you want on the lock screen too. So, let’s see how you can do so:

  • Head toward the Personalization menu in settings
  • Click on the Lockscreen option from the left pane
  • Expand the drop-down menuSelect from the drop-down menu
  • Now, choose between Windows spotlight, Picture, and Slideshow
  • When you click on Picture, you have to choose a picture from your device’s media
  • When you click on Slideshow, you have to choose an album/folder to use as a slideshow when your lock screen is up.

Change the System Theme

Changing your device’s Windows 10 desktop background theme is a good idea just for having a change. Windows 10 offers several default themes to give a try for your computer. 

Changing the theme, helps you to enjoy a change in the wallpaper, colors, and sound at the same time. Here, you have an option to either choose from the default themes or get one from the Microsoft Store as well. 

  • In the Personalization section, click on themes on the left sidebar
  • On the right side of the current theme display, you’ll see Background, color, sounds, mouse cursor option to customize
  • You can either customize these features individually from here
  • Or, scroll down and see some other themes under the Change Theme title
  • Or, Click on the given link Get more themes in Microsoft StoreClick on the given link
  • Hit the Save theme button to save the changes you createdHit the save theme button

Personalize the Start Menu

Although, the Start menu on your Windows 10 automatically adapts the color you choose for other programs. Luckily, there are different ways to help you customize your start menu.

You can choose between programs, folders, or apps whether you want them on the Start menu or not. . For instance, which apps you want to show up on the Start menu, how you want them to appear, the background color of the Start menu, etc.

So let’s check some of the ways you can make your Start menu look fresher:

  • Simply, go to personalization, click on the Start menu on the left pane
  • Now toggle the features on as per your convenienceTurn on any feature
  • Click on the link ‘Choose which folders appear on Start’ to select the folders to appear on the Start menu
  • Turn on the folders to make them appear on the Start menuTurn on the Folders to show on Start

You will be seeing the preview of the Start menu on the upper side of the Start setting.

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The process to change background picture in Windows 10 may be challenging for the first time user. Make sure that you are able to do the right things to change the background image of your desktop by following the above instructions.

While Windows 10 offers you really good graphics with the default theme, that doesn’t mean you are bound to use them only. There are various beautiful options offered by Microsoft Store to enhance your Windows 10. 

The most recent effort made by Microsoft Windows 10 regarding the looks of it is the dark mode in Windows 10. And a notable point of the new feature is that you can choose whether you want to have a dark mode on the apps or not.

So that you are not forced to use it even when you don’t want it to apply to some of your apps. 

Well that’s a lot of talk, see you in the next article. Thanks for reading!

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