Change The Default Search Engine In Microsoft Edge Browser

You want to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge browser and you don’t know how? Do you want to make google default search engine in Windows 10 Edge?

In this Microsoft Edge browser Guide, we will show you how.Windows 10 Edge Browser gives you that flexibility to change the Edge start page “Where To Next?” search address bar default search engine, not only that you can also choose to set a default page or website to open when you launch Edge browser in Windows 10.

We will learn both the functionality.

Change the default search engine

Microsoft Edge browser is really user-friendly.In Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10, you can easily customise almost everything that will provide you with the ease of use.

One of the best parts in the Edge browser is the “Where to Next?” search address bar that shows up when you launch Edge browser, its clean and simple.

By default, that box will search your query using the Bing search engine that is also one of the best search engines.

But if you want that box to search your queries using Google and make Google default for Edge, please follow the below steps.

First open the Edge browser by clicking the pinned Edge browser in your taskbar.You will see a window like this with the search bar and few suggested articles at the bottom.

Try searching anything in the search bar and hit enter. You will notice that your query will be searched in the Bing Search engine. Go ahead and try that first.

Microsoft edge browser

Now let’s say you want Microsoft Edge browser to search your queries in Google by using the above-mentioned search box then you just need to change that in the settings.

In few clicks, you will successfully change your search engine from Bing to Google.Let us see how you can do that.

Change The Default Search Engine In Microsoft Edge

On the top right corner just below the close option click on the three dots and then click on “Settings” at the bottom.

Edge settings

Make sure that the “Open With” should be set to “Start Page” as you see in the below screenshot.

Start page edge browser

Now scroll down and click on the “Advanced Settings” option, now in the next window again scroll down and you will see an option “Search In The Address Bar With“, Click “Change” as showed in the below screenshot.

Change default search engine

Now in the next Screen select “ (Discovered)” and click on the “Set As Default“.

Now close the Microsoft Edge browser and open it again.

Change default search engine edge

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Now try searching in the Address bar again, this time when you search, it will use Google search engine to search for your queries.Try it now.

Search google in edge

So this is how you set the Edge default search engine.

Now let’s say you do not want the “Start Page” or “Where To Next?” page appear when you launch Edge browser in Windows 10, and you just want the Edge browser to open new windows with the website or search engine home page, so when you open Edge you see Google home page.

This can also be done and here’s how it’s done.BTW are you enjoying reading my articles? 🙂

Make google my homepage and search engine

To do this Just Go to Settings and set the “Open With” option to “A Specific Page or Pages” and select “Custom” from the dropdown as shown below.

Default search engine

Now in the next Window after choosing “Custom” option remove the other site that is present there by default,you will see Microsoft MSN page URL as you see below.

Enter the web address eg. and then click on the + button to add it as you see below.

Default search engine google

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Close Edge browser and open it again, this time, you will see that you are presented with the Google home page and not the Edge browser “Start Page”.

In this way, you can add as many sites as you want and when you open Edge it will automatically open all the added websites in new tabs.

Do notice that after applying this option you will not be able to use the “Start Page With Address Bar” that I showed you at the beginning of this Guide.

So this is how to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge guide and make google default search engine.

I hope you are feeling happy after customising Edge browser to set default search engine.

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  1. marlene williams says:

    How do i save websites to my desk top (shortcuts)

    1. WindowsQnA says:


      Instead of saving the website on your desktop try bookmarking in your browser. That will be more efficient. Thanks

  2. I am 80 years old and am completely confused. I think I followed the directions as it was presented.

    1. WindowsQnA says:

      What’s the issue you are facing? Could you please be more descriptive.