How to Get Help With Wordpad In Windows 10

How to get help with Wordpad in Windows 10? How to open Wordpad and how we can make the best out of it? These are some questions that I am getting from WindowsQnA visitors.  I will show you two best ways to open and use Wordpad in Windows 10. I will also strive to cover all the usage and features of Wordpad.

Before diving in, it’s good to have a short overview of what is Microsoft WordPad?

Microsoft Wordpad is a basic word processor that comes into existence with the Windows 95 operating system. Microsoft has replaced Microsoft Write with Wordpad. In terms of look and feel, Wordpad is similar to Microsoft Word but with very few functions.

Indeed Microsoft Word is Paid which comes in a bundle of Microsoft Office subscription, whereas Wordpad is free. We can say that Windows 10 Wordpad is an advanced version of Notepad and the basic version of Microsoft Word.

Get help with wordpad in windows 10

Furthermore, Microsoft Wordpad comes preinstalled with Windows 10 and with other Windows operating systems as well.

I frequently receive comments from my visitors who are looking for help with Wordpad in Windows 10. So i decided to answer all the queries at once by writing a complete tutorial for help in Wordpad in Windows 10.

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Without any ado, let’s get started with Windows Q&A…

How To Open Wordpad In Windows 10?

Here are the two quickest and easiest ways to open Wordpad in Windows 10.

Method 1: Open Wordpad In Windows 10 Using Windows 10 Search Box

  1. Go to the Windows 10 search box and type in “WordpadOpen wordpad windows 10
  2. Click on the search result to launch Wordpad.

Method 2: How To Open Wordpad Using Windows 10 Start Menu

  1. Click on the Windows 10 start menu on the bottom left corner.Open wordpad using start menu
  2. Look for Windows 10 accessories option in the list
  3. Find Wordpad and click on it.

Isn’t its easy enough to open Wordpad? Now let’s see how to use the free Windows tool.

How To Use Wordpad In Windows 10?

Windows 10 Wordpad has many advanced features (as compared to Notepad) that can make a document complete. Basically, it has three main menus which include all the features of Wordpad.

Read the below-mentioned menus of Wordpad to know how to use Wordpad efficiently.

1. Create, Open, and Save Files In Wordpad

Under the Wordpad file menu, we use Wordpad to open and save files. Wordpad application supports various file extensions to save a file. The available file extensions to save any file in Wordpad are:  text files(.txt), rich text files (.rtf), Word documents (.docx), and OpenDocument text files (.odt).

Wordpad file menu items

If you will save the file other than these given file extension, it will open as plain text files and might not appear as required.

2. Change Text Fonts, Size, and Use Paragraph Options

Wordpad Home menu has features to customize the text fonts. You can change the size of a text, make it bold, italic, and underlined. Some paragraph customized features are also covered in Wordpad home menu.

In the paragraph tab in Wordpad, you can align text left (Ctrl+L), Align text right(Ctrl+R) and can make the text paragraph Center by applying the shortcut key CTRL+E.How to use wordpad in windows 10

Creating a list in Wordpad is way easier now. Create a list in Wordpad by clicking on list options. Windows 10 Wordpad features have six different list creation options including bullet list, numbers, and so on.

Line spacing options are also available under these paragraph settings of Wordpad. I have tried to cover double spacing or line spacing in a separate section. Click here to read more about double spacing in Wordpad.

3. Insert Dates, Pictures, And Links

Insert Menu in Wordpad allows us to insert dates, pictures, and links in a Wordpad document.

There is also an option for Paint Drawing under the Insert menu in Wordpad to launch the Paint application.

Simply click on the Paint Drawing option, Windows 10 Paint windows will appear. Draw your desired picture and it will get added to your existing Wordpad file.

This was all the basic explanation of how to use Wordpad in Windows 10. Feel free to use the comment box given below if you want to know more about the usage of Wordpad in Windows 10.

How To Print A Wordpad Document In Windows 10?

Follow the below-given steps to get help with print a Wordpad document in Windows 10.

  1. Open/Create the Wordpad document that you want to print
  2. Go to the File menu and click on Print Options
  3. Select the required printing option: Print, Quick Print, Print PreviewHow to print a wordpad document
  4. Windows 10 print settings window will appear
  5. Choose the printer, Number of copies, and the page range.Wordpad print settings
  6. Hit the Print button.

How to Double Space on Wordpad?

Are you unable to find a way to add double space in Wordpad Document? Getting frustrated by hitting the enter button two times to add a double space? Windows QnA guide has come with a permanent solution for this line spacing issue in Wordpad Windows 10. To set your WordPad line spacing options, follow the guide till the end.

Add Double Spacing To Existing Text

  • Open the written file/document in Wordpad.
  • Select the text or select the entire document by pressing Ctrl+A.
  • Press Ctrl+2 and the double space will be added between text.

Add Double Space Automatically

Follow the below-described steps, in case you want all your Wordpad text or written file with double space or with customizing line spacing automatically.

  • Launch Wordpad in your Windows 10 PC.
  • Under the paragraph, menu find the Line spacing tab and click on itDouble spacing in wordpad
  • Here you will get the options to set the line spacing from 1.0 to 2
  • Select 2 as line spacing margin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the list of frequently asked questions by WindowsQnA visitors:

 1. Can Wordpad open DOCX files?

Yes, Wordpad can open a .docx file, just right click on the .docx file and click Open With and select Wordpad. OR Open Wordpad> File Menu> Open> Find the DOCX(Word File)> Click open.

2. Is Wordpad free with Windows 10?Wordpad is totally free with Windows 10 or any older versions of Windows OS.

3. Is Wordpad included in windows 10?

Yes! Wordpad comes preinstalled with Windows 10, meaning you do not need to download it separately.

4. How can I restore Microsoft WordPad?

Follow the below steps to restore your Wordpad:

  • Open Run Command(Win+R)
  • Type “regedit” and hit enter
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Wordpad
  • Enter> Right Click on Wordpad Options Key> Delete> Done!

Now you can open Wordpad with default Wordpad settings.

5. Why are my documents opening in WordPad?

This happened when you set Wordpad as the default application to open any file. Try resetting the Default apps setting in the Settings app.

6. Wordpad line spacing too big/ how do I get rid of double spacing in Wordpad?

Click here and follow this Wordpad double spacing settings to decrease Wordpad line spacing.

7. What is the extension name of the WordPad document?

The supported file extensions for Wordpad in Windows 10 are text files (. txt), rich text files (.rtf), Word documents (.docx).

8. Any shortcut to open Wordpad in Windows 10?

No shortcut keys have been made yet to open Wordpad. The quickest ways to open Windows 10 Wordpad are mentioned above in the article.

9. What is an alternative to WordPad?

Notepad, Microsoft Word, can be the alternative to Wordpad.

10. Where can I download Microsoft Wordpad?

No need to download Wordpad. It comes free and preinstalled with Windows 10, just search for it.

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Final Words

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This was all about how to get help with Wordpad in Windows 10. I hope this Windows QnA guide helped you to understand Wordpad features and tips and tricks. Feel free to ask any questions if I missed describing anything.

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