How To Use Alarms In Windows 10?

So here is the guide on How to use alarms in Windows 10. Yes, that is correct! You can now use alarms in Windows 10 operating system.

Alarms and reminders are very useful in our day to day life. We use alarms in smartphones or in clocks to get up in the morning on correct time.

We also use alarms and reminders to notify ourselves of the task that we need to do. In the previous versions of Windows, there is no feature to set alarm clock on computers.

How to use alarms in windows 10

But now with the introduction of Microsoft Apps for Windows 10, we can accomplish various things on our computer.

Before I was using kukuklok online alarm clock, but now as I got my free Windows 10 upgrade, I started using Windows 10 Alarm feature.

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In this tutorial, i will show you how to use alarms in Windows 10. I will include the screenshots for your better undertanding. Let’s begin the tutorial.

How to use alarms in Windows 10

To use alarms in Windows 10 go to Cortana and search for “Alarm“. When you have the result, click on it which will open alarm Window for you. Below are the two alarms that I have on my Windows 10 alarm app.

If you want to add a new alarm click on the plus sign “+” in the bottom right corner. You can also turn off alarm clock by sliding the buttons of your already created alarms.

Alarm clock in windows 10

Once you click on the “+” button to add a new alarm, you will be presented with the below window. Choose the time, alarm name and set other options according to your need.

Create alarm in windows 10

Alarm app in Windows 10 comes with few preinstalled alarms tones that you can set for your new alarm in Windows 10. Click Sound in the New Alarm window to set your preferred tone.

Windows 10 alarm clock tones

You can also control when you want the alarm to occur like on a specific day. You can select multiple days from the “Repeats” option.

Set alarm clock days

If you just want to delete your existing alarm, you can also do that.

Delete alarm in windows 10

How to use Clock App in Windows 10

As you saw in the first screenshot of this tutorial, this is an option for World Clock. By following the below steps you will learn how to set clock on Windows 10. 

World clock in windows 10

  • Select World Clock from the window, and then New + at the bottom.
  • Type the first few letters or the initials of the location, and then pick it from the list displayed. If you don’t see the one you want, try another location in the similar time zone.
  • Select Compare times (the two clocks at the bottom), and then pick a time on the slider at the bottom.
  • Select a location on the map to change which places the slider is referring to.
  • To exit Compare Times mode, choose the Back button, or press Esc.

A part from this you can also use the StopWatch and the Timer feature in the same ‘Alarm & Clock‘ app.

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Final Words…

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I hope this guide on how to use alarms in Windows 10 covered everything. If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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Have a great one!

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