How To Use Dynamic Lock In Windows 10?

Windows 10 already gave us a modern and fastest way of Logging in to our system using Windows Hello face recognition feature. But do you know how to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10?

If you don’t! Then continue reading this article.

Its always good to lock your laptop/PC when you are moving away from it to avoid unauthorized access. But many times, maybe in hurry we forget to lock our system and that makes our private information vulnerable.

How To Use Dynamic Lock In Windows 10

Whether you are at a public place or at your office or maybe at your home. It’s always safe to lock your computer before you leave. Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 will make this task super easy for you. Just like that!

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But before I show you how to enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 Operating System, let me first give you a brief introduction about the Dynamic Lock feature.

What Is Dynamic Lock In Windows 10?

Dynamic Lock feature was pushed with Windows 10 Creators Update (1703).  If enabled, it automatically locks your machine if you move away from it.

Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 uses your Bluetooth enabled phone that is paired with your system.

So if you move away from your system so that your Bluetooth paired phone is not in the contact with your system after a range, Windows 10 Locks itself.

Ya, for this to work you have to take your paired smartphone with you when you leave.

This will definitely prevent any unauthorized access to your system even if you forget to lock your system by pressing Windows Key + L.

By the way, some people also call this feature- Windows Goodbye, just to let you know.

Now that you know how important it is to enable Dynamic Lock in Windows 10. Let us set it up right away.

How To Use Dynamic Lock In Windows 10?

To activate Dynamic Lock in Windows 10 we have to do few settings and pair our smartphone with our Windows 10 system. Just follow the below steps and you are good to go.

  • Open Settings >> Accounts
  • Navigate to Signin Options.
  • Scroll down and look for DYNAMIC LOCK.

Dynamic Lock In Windows 10

  • Checkmark “Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away

Pair Mobile Device With Windows 10

  • After this click on “Bluetooth & Other Devices“. (From here we will pair our smartphone)
  • Now turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Once your smartphone Bluetooth is enabled click + Add Bluetooth or other devices.

Add Bluetooth or other devices

  • In “Add a device” window click the first option i.e. Bluetooth.

Add a bluetooth enabled smartphone with Windows 10

  • Now Windows 10 will search for your Bluetooth enabled smartphone for the pairing process. If everything is good your device will show up in the list.
  • Once you see your device in the list just click on it.

Bluetooth enabled device gets discovered

  • Once you do that you will see a similar notification on your Windows 10 and on your smartphone.

Press connect on your smartphone if both the pins matches

  • Check your smartphone and Accept The Pairing. Just Tap on PAIR & CONNECT on your smartphone.

Bluetooth Pairing Request

  • And than Tap PAIR again.

Allow Pair on your smartphone

  • Your Windows 10 system may also ask for the DUN (Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking) access. In my case, it asked for it so I Allowed it.
  • If you get the same notification on your smartphone just allow it. Do not forget to checkmark “Always Allow” before you tap OK.

Give access to DUN on your phone

  • If you correctly performed all the steps as listed above then congratulations, your Smartphone, and your Windows 10 laptop/PC are paired together. Now just click on Done.

Device paired With OnePlus 5T

This is how to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10. Isn’t it simple and quick to set up?

Now its time to test Dynamic Lock in Windows 10. Just take your phone and move away from your system. Maybe you can have a visit to your garden area.

If your Smartphone is far enough, i.e. outside the Bluetooth range with your Windows 10 system than Windows 10 should lock itself. Go back and have a look if its lock or not?

So I just tried it myself and its working like a charm. Did it work for you? Most probably your answer is positive. But if the Dynamic Lock did not work for you then there can be a few reasons. Let’s see what they are.

Dynamic Lock Not Working Even After Activating It

Below can the reason the Dynamic Lock failed:

  • Check if you don’t have Bluetooth turned ON, on your smartphone.
  • Double check if both the devices are paired correctly. If there is any error remove the paired smartphone and pair it again using the above instructions.
  • Try moving very far away from the system and check if Windows 10 Dynamic Lock gets activated.

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So you now know how to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10. I personally like this feature very much. After I enabled it I do not have to worry about my Laptop being used by another person in my absence. The Dynamic Lock does its magic. Just like that!

If you are facing any issues while trying to activate Dynamic Lock, do let us know in comments section below.

I hope I have kept this article easy to understand and to the point. If you appreciate my efforts to bring to you Windows 10 how to’s article then do share it and support us.

Will be back with another informative and useful article soon. Till then happy surfing 🙂


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So what happens if I lose my phone? Is there a way to still log in without the bluetooth connection?


Yes, you can still login with the help of Microsoft account that is associated with your computer.

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