Remember Passwords In Microsoft Edge Browser?

Are you fed up typing your passwords again and again to login to your accounts? Do you want Windows 10 to Remember passwords in Microsoft Edge? Then read on…

With the announcement of Windows 10 OS, Microsoft also announced some new features in Windows 10. Cortana, Task View, Quick Access are few of them. They also introduced a new browser called Microsoft Edge.

You all know about Internet Explorer, it’s a very famous browser ;). This time, with the new Windows 10 operating system Microsoft decided to give you all, a new experience of browsing the internet. Edge browser is the new Internet Explorer.

Remember Passwords In Microsoft Edge

Though there is also Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10, the Windows Edge browser is more fast and flexible as compared to IE 11 browser.

In this article, I am not going to compare the Pros & Cons of  Windows 10 Edge or write Microsoft Edge reviews. But today we will talk about the remember passwords in Microsoft Edge feature.

Saved passwords are good to have as it decreases our time to fill out the Logins. If you have multiple passwords for multiple accounts then this feature will remember passwords for those accounts. This is good if you are a person who forgets passwords.

Below are the topics that we will cover:

  • What is Microsoft Edge? (In Brief)
  • Where Microsoft Edge browser located?
  • How to turn on remember passwords in Microsoft Edge?
  • View saved passwords Windows 10 Edge

What is Microsoft Edge? (In Brief)

Windows 10 Edge is a browser made on the structure of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge browser is pre-installed in your Windows 10 operating system.

The Microsoft team came up with this new browser after hearing many complaints about the Internet Explorer for years. The flat simple look of the Edge browser is ice to the eyes and the performance is also really good.

I am using edge from a couple of months to test its performance and User-Friendliness. During my testing i found it to be good enough as compared to other Internet Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Where Microsoft Edge browser located?

The Edge browser located in your taskbar for your quick access, you can also find it by “Asking Cortana” or going to Start>>All Files.

How to turn on remember passwords in Microsoft Edge?

When you visit any website like Facebook, Gmail, etc. and sign in to your account using the Edge Browser for the first time. It will automatically ask you if you want to save your password for future autofill use.

If you click “YES” then whenever you visit the same website and enter your Username or Email it will automatically fill your password in the password field.

If you click “NOWindows 10 Edge browser will “Offer to save password” every time you go to a website to sign in.

Some of you may not like this that the Edge browser is offering to save the password and you want to turn it off. Yes, you can do it I will show you later in this tips & Tricks Guide.

Step 1: Open Edge browser located in your taskbar or search it from the “Ask Me Anything” box.

Edge Browser

Step 2: Go to any Website like Facebook and then enter your Username and Password and click Login.

You will see a small popup at the bottom of the Edge browser. This popup will ask your permission to save the password or not.

Click “YES” if you want Edge to remember password on your next visit to the same website. That’s It …It’s Done

Save passwords in Edge browser

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To disable remember passwords in Microsoft Edge:

Step 1: Click the three dots at the top right corner just below the close option and then click on the “Settings“.

Edge Settings

Step 2: Below is the Microsoft Edge settings that you can play with. But right now we are looking for a setting to disable password save on Edge. So just scroll down to the bottom and click on “View Advanced Settings

Edge Advanced Settings

Step 3: Now you will see the option “Offer To Save Passwords“, Just click on it to turn it “OFF“. In the same way, you can turn ON or OFF the Autofill option by clicking on the “Save Form Entries”. This is helpful when you are filling up any web form.

Offer to save passwords

If you want to manage saved passwords in Edge then click on “Manage My Saved Passwords“, as shown in the above screenshot.

In the next window that lists the accounts for saved passwords, you can delete or clear saved passwords.

Manage Passwords Edge

Now comes the last point of this topic and it is…

Can You View saved passwords Windows 10 Edge?

As you know that Microsoft or other big internet companies take user security very seriously. You cannot just go in and see the saved passwords.

There is no way you can see your saved passwords or the password of others.

This makes sense because let’s say you have a guest at your home and he is sharing your laptop. What if he just goes in and sees your saved passwords? I think you got my point.

You can see your username or change your password but you cannot see your own saved passwords.

To change passwords manually just click on the Accounts that are listed as shown in the above screenshot and in no time you can change your password.

By the way, when you update your password and log in to any web service where you have been before. Microsoft Edge browser automatically updates its database with the new password.

Just in case you want to change passwords manually or remove the saved passwords in Edge browser, you can use this option.

Manage password in edge

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Winding Up

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That’s all for today. Now you know How To Use Remember Passwords In Microsoft Edge and I hope you enjoyed it.

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We will talk more about Microsoft Edge Browser in the upcoming Tutorials. Have safe surfing. 🙂


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Abel Thiagarajan

I had a concern about other viewing my password from the Microsoft Edge forms. But this article has relieved me of my fears.


Does not work


Hello Pat,

Please let us know the exact issue that you are facing in Microsoft Edge Browser.



I keep having to change my password. It’s like it doesn’t remember the new password I just put in and I have to put in a new one again!


It does not save passwords or even offer to save passwords for some sites.

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