How to Use & Turn On Touchpad Gestures in Windows 10?

How to use touchpad gestures in Windows 10? What are the new touchpad gestures? Well, Touchpad gestures were initially introduced to save time as well as to make it easy to operate your PC. 

Microsoft has gifted its users with several new touchpad gestures in Windows 10. In this fresh Windows 10 guide, you will get to know how to use touchpad gestures in Windows 10 in numerous new ways.How to Use Touchpad Gestures in Windows 10

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When it comes to multitasking and easy navigation with a mousepad, you can rely on the mouse and touchpad settings in Windows 10. As we are discussing the new touchpad gestures in Windows 10, the very first thing that comes in the way is how to turn on multi-finger gestures?

The newly added feature multi-finger gestures in Windows 10 are formed to consume less time opening Windows 10 Cortana, switching between running apps, heading back to the desktop, opening the action center, and so on.

The best part of the feature is that you don’t have to keep it turned on when you don’t feel like using it anymore. You can disable touchpad gestures in Windows 10 anytime according to your convenience.

How to Use Touchpad Gestures in Windows 10

To know whether a product is good or not, we must use it at least once. And when you have supported hardware to use touchpad gestures, then there’s no excuse for not using it.

But, There are different devices having hardware that may or may not support new touchpad gestures. In this article, we are going to look at all these important details related to touchpad gestures in Windows to use touchpad

Before heading to the process to check/enable Windows 10 touchpad gestures, let’s have look at what are the touchpad gestures in Windows 10.

This is only for a better understanding of this updated Windows 10 feature. If you already used or know about these gestures, feel free to skip the below paragraph.

What Are The TouchPad Gestures In Windows 10?

As obvious, there are several different and new touchpad gestures available in Windows 10. Even after being a default Windows 10 setting, some of them might not be enabled on your PC possibly. 

So, let’s get started with learning about some common and diverse touchpad gestures in Windows 10.

  • One tap: To select anything
  • Zoom in or zoom out: Pinch or stretch two of your fingers on the touchpad
  • Drag & drop: Double tab the file, and drag your finger to your chosen folder destination
  • Scroll: Place two fingers on the touchpad, and scroll either vertically or horizontally
  • Context menu (right-click): Just tab two fingers on the touchpad at the same time to open the right-click menu 

  • Open Cortana: Tap three fingers on the touchpad together to open Cortana
  • Go back to desktop: Swipe down three fingers on the touchpad 
  • Switch between currently open windows: Swipe three fingers either left or right on the touchpad 
  • View action center: Tap on the touchpad with four fingers at once to open view the notification and action center

Extra: You can switch between the Windows 10 multi-finger gestures of Cortana and the action center gesture by customizing the settings from the touchpad gesture settings in Windows 10.

How To Enable TouchPad Gestures In Windows 10

After knowing how touchpad gestures make things easier to handle, we should not take much time to enable them in our Windows 10 device. You can also create a list of how helpful is it to have the touchpad gestures enabled on your device. So, you don’t have to think twice before enabling these touchpad gestures.

The touchpad gesture is enabled by default on supported devices. But, if the touchpad gestures not working on your device lately, then let’s get started with how you can enable touchpad gestures in Windows 10

  • Open Windows 10 Settings on your device.
  • Click on the Devices windows 10 settings
  • On the left pane, select the Touchpad option.
    turn on touchpad gestures Windows 10
  • Simply enable the Touchpad option

Note:  If your PC is not supportive of the touchpad gesture, that means your PC doesn’t have a precision touchpad.

What Is A Precision TouchPad?

Wondering why the touchpad gesture not working on your device? Why mouse and touchpad settings not working?

Precision touchpads in Windows 10 are the updated and improved version of the traditional mousepads. This is the reason why users prefer to use a precision touchpad instead of the traditional mousepad driver.

One of the major differences that make the precision touchpad better is the improved accuracy and touch sensibility, and other innovative features. 

Check If Your Device Has Precision Touchpad Or Not

Precision touchpads are the new choice of today’s manufacturers. If your device hardware is not supported by the precision touchpad driver, then it can be a barrier between you and the touchpad gesture.

Now, the first thing you’ll have to do is to check if your device has a precision touchpad or not.

Follow the given instructions to know what it is:turn on touchpad gestures Windows 10

Go to Settings and click on the Device icon. Open the Mouse & touchpad or the Touchpad option. Now, If you see the Touchpad title upon the line “Your device has a precision touchpad”, then congrats.

But if you don’t see such options and features, then that means your device is not compatible with a precision touchpad by default. 


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At this point of the article, It’s pretty obvious that how efficient touchpad gestures are to use. Having touchpad gestures in Windows 10 makes it easier to execute any command and saves your time as well.

We already learned that many people till now, have not reached this amazing feature it’s because of the lack of a precision touchpad driver in Windows 10. Hence, Many devices with the very initially developed traditional mousepads are not supportive of these gestures.

But, understandably, the reason behind this inconvenience is the difference between mousepad developing technologies. 

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However, the precision touchpad gestures were developed for having a more convenient experience using a laptop and this fact has been proved lately for sure.

So, This was all about how to use touchpad gestures in Windows 10. Do not forget to let us know how this article helped you to make your task flawlessly easy and handy.

Feel free to use the comment section given below if you have any queries related to this guide or have doubts about any Windows 10 feature.

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